Game Jams


Web Weaver - Jun 2024


Web Weaver was a project that we planned and developed at a GameJam hosted by TUM (Technische Universität München). We had about 48 hours to come up with an idea for the topic "Connections are everything" and to develop a prototype of the game.

The jury voted our game into first place!



Two little spiders that go hunting for fireflies in a local co-op game to feed the mummy spider's babies and win her over. You can change your perspective at certain points and connect with a thread to move objects and capture the fireflies. But be careful not to stretch the thread too tight and break it!



X - Interaction

A - Jump

Left Joystick - Movement


Keyboard player one:

E - Interact

Space - Jump

WASD - Movement


Keyboard player two:

Enter - Interact

Ctrl - Jump


Arrows - Movement


MetamorFish - Jun 2023



A high-scoring 2.5D side-scroller where you must avoid obstacles to escape the menacing frogfish that is chasing you. To avoid colliding with obstacles, the player can temporarily borrow the form and abilities of various aquatic creatures. Orbs can be collected to further increase the high score and activate the whale's special ability.



Controls X-Box controller

Left joystick: Movement
B: Swordfish dash to break through wood, amphoras and coral
A: Jellyfish up/down to dodge on the fly
X: Shrink into a shrimp to slip safely through small spaces
Y: Invincible all-breaking whale that can be activated when enough orbs are collected


Keyboard Controls

WASD: Move
Right Arrow: Dash a swordfish to break through wood, amphoras and coral.
Down Arrow: Dodge a jellyfish up/down for spontaneous dodge
Left Arrow: Shrink into a shrimp to safely pass through small gaps
Up Arrow: The invincible smashing whale, which can be activated when enough orbs have been collected.

Ogrim and Bogrim - Dec 2022





A co-op tower defense game with resource mining and management.

Hordes of lizard mutations try to storm your home base while you work on the ultimate weapon of your destruction.

Play together as two dwarves. Defend your home base, mine resources to build towers, upgrade them, or level up yourself. Either let the towers fight for you or throw yourself into battle with your hammer.

But watch out: Time is ticking! In 10 minutes, your opponents will have built their ultimate weapon. Reach the enemy's home base before time runs out and destroy the mine truck full of explosives before they blow it into your home base. If your home base is lost, the game is over.

Join the other player by entering a code in the main menu. One hosts, the other joins.

Make them stop!


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